1. A Minor Sing

From the recording Bang

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A Minor Sing

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© Tirza Abb
© A Minor Swing: Django Reinhardt

Piano: Dan Reade
Voice, Guitar: Tirza Abb
Violin: Elvis Callaghan
Double Bass: Slim Pickins
Drums: Rex Carter
Backing vocals: Tirza Abb, Dan Reade, 
Elvis Callaghan


I can see you falling
Falling down on leaves of golden brown
Falling to the ground
I can hear you calling
Calling out into the crowd
I hear that sound, hear that sound, I hear that

I know you call my name [and I sing]
I know it sounds the same [and I sing]
Know that it lingers into the air
After the moment lays open and bare
Throw it away, don’t have a care

oh dad a leda dada dada doh.......