Out of Range band came together in Northern New South Wales, Australia to combine their musical influences into a genre-defying mix of Swing, Gypsy, Reggae, cabaret and Boogie-Woogie.  

"I listened and loved it! It's rich and deep and fun and so much more."

"It's awesome...some of this music is kinda weird...made my body start moving and like.. dancin...while I was moving...i think I was smilin too ! ...great music"

Envisioned whilst entertaining random groups of fellow travellers on the dusty roads and  around campfires in Outback Australia, Out of Range matured and expanded when they found a place to call a home. The fun oozes out of the music and if you listen carefully, the lyrics can take you somewhere else completely. 

Out of Range Band have released their first CD. So check out the music, feel it get under your skin. Book us for parties, weddings, festivals, gigs, sign up to our mailing list. but most of all....

Sway, Swagger, Swing, Swoon

Out of Range Band

Out of Range Band