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Schizophrenic Love

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© Tirza Abb & Dan Reade

Accordion: Dan Reade
Voice: Tirza Abb
Violin: Elvis Callaghan
Bass: Slim Pickins
Drums: Rex Carter
Backing vocals: Tirza Abb, Dan Reade


I’m crying tears to the moon up above,
So I’ll tell you a tale of disappointed love.
He told me I was his shining light, but then he threw me down,
Said I would never be his bride.
Call out, call out, your name is on my quivering lips,
And your touch is at the edge of my shaking finger tips.
It’s on the edge of where my madness sits.

I was walking down the street with my Schizophrenic love.
I was falling in a trance that held me in its glove.
It was getting very dark and it was getting late,
Much too late to have a date with my schizophrenic love.

He held me in his arms and told me he was mine,
then he ripped me to shreds like a discarded box of wine.
He lifts me up and then he puts me down,
spins me around like I’m his toy, like I’m his clown.
Oh woe, woe is me, to find such sweetness in such agony,
It brings me helpless to my knees, brings me to me knees
I beg , I beg, i beg you help me please.

One minute I am laughing with my schizophrenic love,
Soon after I am crying Oh I have had enough.
Sometimes we feel our hearts embrace and jump around with glee
But then it breaks all for the sake of schizophrenic love.

One day he would be soft and sweet, my schizophrenic love,
The next day he would shout and shriek, up to the sky above.
Twas on that day the fourth of May, I knew our love was dead
With nerves of steel , I held him down and shot him through the head!